Total Control Training is Pennsylvania's new Motorcycle Safety Program manager

From the man himself:

"I’m thrilled to announce that Total Control Training, Inc. has been awarded the PA Motorcycle Safety Program contract for 2018. The five-year, $31 million program management contract is the largest of its kind in the nation. All of us at Total Control are both humbled and excited about the opportunity to add PA to our CA, military and civilian training portfolio. We have been amazed at the quality and attitude of the PA training community and look forward to working with them as we transition the state to our Total Control curricula for beginner, intermediate, advanced, 3 wheel and more."

- Lee Parks

Congrats team!

Proper motorcycle training is like wearing a helmet

Proper motorcycle training is like wearing a helmet. You can ride for 40 years without one and make a case that you've never needed it.
Until you do.
But by then it's too late to make that decision.

Maximum braking on a motorcycle

Practicing quick stops for emergency situations

Whether you have an ABS-equipped motorcycle or not, it's always a good idea to practice quick stops regularly on your bike to keep your skills sharp in case you need them during an emergency situation.

Front brake

Think about your front brake lever as a large lemon — to get all the juice out of your lemon you don't crush it but you squeeze it firmly and progressively. If, by the time you're fully stopped, you feel there is still juice in the lemon, it means you didn't squeeze your lever hard enough through the end.

Find a safe place to practice and try to achieve max-squeeze quicker each time...

The cookie is right

Be wise, get trained, ride safe.

- Ofir

Fixing the Vee, Part 2

Ever since I rebuilt the Vee and its broken engine —using spare parts from two blown motors— in 2012, it had been running nice and strong until a few days ago when it started stumbling and hesitating, specially during take offs. So I took the tank off and inspected the throttle bodies; It turned out to be a clogged injector which was pretty easy to clean.

With the tank dismounted, I took the opportunity to run a quick compression test —which I never did when I rebuilt the bike— and I discovered that one piston's compression is on the lower spec limit and the other one is slightly under it.... and valves are within specifications...