Perfect example of target fixation

Only four days ago this terrible accident happened at Mulholland Hwy in California. The video went viral overnight and —as of the time I'm writing this blog post— it has more than one million views.

This accident shows a perfect example of what improper body positioning can cause. If only the rider had been more in balance with the dynamic forces acting upon him and his bike —and had he been looking through the turn— this accident could have been easily avoided; instead, the rider panicked and fixated his sight on the cyclist. Once you incur into target fixation, your mind is already in "survival mode" and it is hard —almost impossible— to correct your course.

Awesomely, rnickeymouse, the camera person and poster of the Youtube clip, linked to one of my past articles as part of the description of the video...

Motorcycle cornering - Body position to reduce anxiety and panic

The way you position your body on the motorcycle can have a great effect on your concentration and make the difference between panicking/freezing in the middle of a turn or feeling comfortable/confident to complete the same turn

Over the last few years I have heard many riding coaches talk about the Survival Reactions that cause riders to "freeze" and crash way too often when they enter a corner and their brains somehow go into "panic mode". All those coaches say that those Survival Reactions are bad but natural, that they'll be there in every turn... that you just have to learn how to "deal with them".

To me, that is wrong...