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So a couple of weeks ago I was messing around on (a Suzuki SV650 online community), jokingly asking for a free bike –because I really miss the SV I sold a few months ago– when a member of the board offered to give me a frame he had in his garage. It didn't take too long for others to chime in and start offering spare parts to build a bike. As a fun progression of things, yet another member named me the official builder of a Frankenbike, a bike made of donated parts.


It was only a few days after that that that this package arrived at my door. I had my back hurt at the moment (another story) so my excited wife decided to take the matter in her own hands and opened the box.


So here it is, the frame of a 2000 SV650 along with a few other parts as the first batch of pieces that will conform my future bike. All made of donated parts from one of the greatest and more fun community of motorcycle riders I have ever seen.


SVR really is a great community, full of nice riders who really care about each other in a good way. Although I will try to keep reporting the progress of the build here., you can see the a full log directly at

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