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August 2014

600 curves in one day why I love Central California.

Full map here:

CA190 from 100 Giants Trail to Balch Park Pack Station
45 miles - 294 curves

This is a mountainous road that runs from a grove with —supposedly— 100 giant Sequoias (I didn't count them) down to Springille, in the valley.
With almost 300 tight corners and almost no traffic at all, this must be one of the best kept secrets of the entire State of California. Highly recommended.

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Riding Utah - The Energy Loop

I just came back from Utah, where I had a very nice ride with a few old friends to the Energy Loop (Eccles and Huntington Canyons). It was a fun 150-mile ride through R89 - R96 - R264, R31 and R10.

We had a burrito in Price and then parted ways from there. They all continued riding north while I wend back the same route, solo, to grab a few pictures and clear my mind a bit.

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