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July 2014

Riding California - Clovis to Courtright Reservoir on the FrankenBike

So yesterday —after a few last-minute adjustments— I finally took the FrankenBike on a long-ish ride up the mountains. A 75 mile route of non-stop twists to Courtright Reservoir via Shaver Lake and back. 150 miles total.

From 4-lane curvy highways to twisty little back roads, the ride had it all and the FrankenBike proved to be a fantastic machine that carved every curve like a champion.

See the route here:

At the feet of a giant in McKinley Grove.

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Test riding the FrankenBike for the first time

So today I finally took the FrankenBike outside the city borders for a quick test ride. I went northeast on Tollhouse to the old Millerton Road; nice little back road with easy fun twists. Then I went up to Sky Harbor Rd and back to Fresno via Friant.

I also tested the bike on freeways. At first I was a bit surprised to see the tach above 5,200 RPM @70 MPH until I realized I was not on the Vee anymore :p

I'm loving this new little bike!!!