Riding California - Clovis to Courtright Reservoir on the FrankenBike

So yesterday —after a few last-minute adjustments— I finally took the FrankenBike on a long-ish ride up the mountains. A 75 mile route of non-stop twists to Courtright Reservoir via Shaver Lake and back. 150 miles total.

From 4-lane curvy highways to twisty little back roads, the ride had it all and the FrankenBike proved to be a fantastic machine that carved every curve like a champion.

See the route here: https://goo.gl/maps/gZBK5

At the feet of a giant in McKinley Grove.

Sadly, the reservoir level was extremely low due to the drought that's hitting the whole state of California.

Dam picture!


The only straight stretch of road I found.. and it was a beautiful one.

A fallen giant :(

I know, I'm a chicken... but a happy one :)

Butt Rock!

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