Fixing the Vee, Part 2

Ever since I rebuilt the Vee and its broken engine —using spare parts from two blown motors— in 2012, it had been running nice and strong until a few days ago when it started stumbling and hesitating, specially during take offs. So I took the tank off and inspected the throttle bodies; It turned out to be a clogged injector which was pretty easy to clean.

With the tank dismounted, I took the opportunity to run a quick compression test —which I never did when I rebuilt the bike— and I discovered that one piston's compression is on the lower spec limit and the other one is slightly under it.... and valves are within specifications. Dang. Anyone who knows me a little knows that I cannot live with a piece of machinery that is not performing as it should. Now I have three options:

  1. Reassemble everything and keep riding the snot out of it until it dies.
  2. Reassemble, sell and put a down payment for a shiny new bike.
  3. Go deeper. Dismount the engine and perform a thorough inspection. Dissect it, if necessary, and fix whatever needs to be fixed... and have a great time learning and wrenching while doing it.
Guess which one I picked ;)

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